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I AM Family Garden

Family Services Home Base

The Family Services Home Base is where all families and people with special needs are called to check in to be registered and placed for the event. This is an integral piece of our standard of care for families, children, and those with special needs. Our team will act as liaisons for you throughout your time at the festival. If you have special needs, are pregnant, with children or an elder or have physical disabilities we have direct shuttle services available.

To utilize these services, please email us prior to the event at and communicate how we can be of support. You may also let the box office attendant in the Family intake line at ticketing know that you would like support and they will promptly notify a team member. As a courtesy to our community we offer free General Parking to individuals with Handicapped Placards who wish to visit the event for the day. Also available are discounted Car Camping Passes which can be obtained by emailing the address linked above. If you have purchased the discounted ADA car camping pass, have your identification and matching Handicapped placard ready.

If you prefer to stay in the comfort of an area specially curated for those with similar needs, we’d love for you to join us at Camp Cozy, ASL Love, Camp Zen (substance free camp) located above the Air Realm. Home Base will help you oriented and placed. If you need anything at all, find Brother Dragon at the entrance to Family Garden and we’ll be sure to find a solution for you. Sign Interpreters and assisted hearing devices are available upon request at Home Base or at the Lucidity Information Hub. Power for medical devices is provided in these areas. You can request support at any time from any person with a walkie talkie you see at the event.