Stage Or Environment Architect(s)/Artist(s):

Forest of Dreams Foundation

The Intention Tree

Imagine a place in the forest made just for you. Somewhere that you can unwind from all the excitement and enjoy all of the beautiful trees. As you enjoy the nature around you, reflect upon the nature within you. What are your intentions to regenerate this earth? What are your dreams? Have you asked to seek that insight from the Intention Tree? Maybe an exotic essential oil elixir from our elixir bar could help you find your way. A little flower power may be your perfect spell. Enjoy a cup of intention tea under the intention tree as you write out whats in your heart. Take a moment to read whats on someone else’s heart too, you’d be surprised how alike we all are. Reconnect to yourself and make something sacred from our cozy craft corner. Make a medicine bag and visualize the medicine you bring into this world. Awaken to the possibility of greatness that exists only in you. Let your inner God and Goddess shine here so brightly that it becomes who you are in the world after you leave this place. Sit down in the shade of our sacred foot bath and let us wash and massage your precious feet. Let us heal you, embrace you, love you, and let you be free. Take a tree on the way out with all your big dreams. Plant them both in solid ground and let’s grow a new world into reality…