Wookpack is a bass music collective based in Santa Barbara, California with roots stretched out to the Bay Area, Colorado, San Diego and Los Angeles. These boys know how to get down and dirty, always bringing forth a mind-bending mixture of experimental bass, hip hop, and dance music. There are several things that you can count on when this crew is behind the decks; Love, great music, and a great time. Wookpack is all about finding connection through shared musical experience. Never to be defined by a genre, they will always be themselves, and invite you to do the same and let loose on the dancefloor. Infamous for throwing down anywhere from the peaks of mountain tops to the clubs in Santa Barbara and San Francisco, Wookpack finds purpose in enjoying the moment with each other whilst curating a deep, mystical, and experimental musical experience. They always love to make new friends and family, so don’t be afraid to say hello! They are very excited, honored, and grateful to be playing at Lucidity, Regeneration Earth 2020, as Lucidity was one of the first festivals they attended together. Keep an eye out for this collective, as will perennially push the boundaries of sound and have as much fun possible while doing it!

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