Freedom Renegades

Runner-up of Music Buzz top 10 independent Hip Hop albums of 2019, The Freedom Renegades are a a dynamic duo that combine old school boom bap Hip-Hop with high quality conscious lyricism. They just returned home from a 1 month long tour alongside bay area legends Zion I and Dj True Justice. The brothers grew up in Boise, Idaho but have had the honor of touring across 38 American states. After placing 3rd in Idahos’s got talent the two have embarked on a mission of teaching Hip-Hop and performing around the globe. The brothers have been guest lecturers at Boise State University and College of Southern Idaho teaching the official History of Hip-Hop, As well as 1st place winners of Magic valleys poetry slam competition. The Freedom Renegades are dedicated, genuine, authentic high caliber Hip-Hop that will always leave you with a feeling of inspiration and freshness after every performance.


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