Elliotte the Unicorn Scout

Elliotte the Unicorn Scout has lead play-based workshops with more than 10,000 people since starting the Unicorn Scouts in 2017. As a non-binary, neurodiverse parent, Elliotte embraces the spectrum of experiences and encourages people to connect with their inner magic. Combining mystical storytelling, whimsical crafts, inclusive games and natural materials – Elliotte and their teen Luna create a sacred sparkle space for every child, and every inner child.

Scheduled Workshops

  • Rainbow Activation Through Creation

    45 min | Imaginarium

    Take a full-spectrum journey into your creativity and express your inner rainbow magic in this guided craft-ivation. All ages and abilities are welcome and wanted. Upon completion, you’ll earn a special patch to indicate your rainbow is fully activated.

  • Magic Vision Glasses and Creature Hunt

    45 min | Imaginarium

    Design a unique pair of glasses that will transform your view of the world to fill it with rainbows. Then go on a hunt to find magical creatures around Lucidity in this fun craft and game for all ages and abilities.