The Fairies Pyjamas

Fairly Traded Organic Cotton clothing designs inspired by cosplay, flow, festival, function and fairies.

Fairies want to change the world. They want to look good, do good and be good. So that is why Fairies Pjs came about… to make the good stuff. We all need clothing to survive the elements, express our individuality and to coexist with one another.

Fairies Pjs is owned and operated by FairyMichelle Lynn Johnson from Toronto, Canada. She and Bryan Smart love to design layers of fairy and elf inspired functional organic cotton clothing. Since 2006 FairyMichelle has been working with a fair trade member in Nepal where she travels every January with their new designs. The fabrics are sourced from an organic mill in India. It’s important to the fairy tribe that all parts of Fairies Pjs come from a positive source.

It’s also important that the designs serve a solid function. That they serve a purpose to the owner, the design not only makes the individual feel good when they look in the mirror, there are pockets to assist with everyday organization.

Fairies want to inspire people to find their inner fairy and elf. Using layers and the palette of Fairies Pjs people can appropriate a cosplay character, a rave outfit, flow performer or simply just be an everyday fairy warrior.

The vibe at Fairies is everyone is welcome. This is an inclusive project. Fairies philosophy is rooted in a working together nature, that we can coexist with one another and that is how we are going to change the world.

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