Govindi Juneja, Jamar Rogers and Meshell Zwicker

Evolutionary Breathwork is a breathing technique combined with a variety of tools/practices is known to take one into an altered state to reprogram the unconscious mind, tap in to the innate wisdom within, heal old wounds, activate more brain power, connect one to ones sense of purpose, release suppressed or overwhelming emotions such as anxiety, depression and much, much more!

About the team;

Govindi is trained in various forms of yoga, reiki, somatic experiencing, SRI breathwork,  two part breathwork, inner child healing, NLP, and shamanic healing and as been helping people worldwide from survivors of human trafficking, ex convicts, war veterans as well as thought leaders, celebrities and successful entrepreneurs.

Meshell is a FireStarter & Potential Catalyst inside her FireStarter Movement Tribe. She’s been leading small and large groups in breathwork as part of her Coaching Practice for 13 years. Through breathwork meditations and deeper journey’s, she’s helped her clients reconnect with their confidence, clarity and inspired purpose.

Jamar is a certified meditation teacher, specializing in nervous system resets and sound healing. As a former The Voice finalist, he uses intuitive singing in sessions. He’s also taught marginalized communities in LA, NYC and SD about the benefits of mindfully experiencing the breath.

Together,  they bring you Evolutionary Breathwork.


Scheduled Workshops

  • Open Yourself To Your Purpose With Evolutionary Breathwork

    105 min | The Summit

    Using Evolutionary Breathwork along with a variety of other tools such as Kundalini yoga, Toning, Energy Healing, etc. we help you connect the dots to your own purpose in life. Through a specific process, we will help you open up your energy centers/chakras, gain a better understanding on how your energy flows, how it can be utilized for what you’re wanting to achieve and then release the blocks that are holding you back from being more connected and clear on your purpose.