The Summit

The Summit is a workshop zone at the festival that offers a variety of interactive and educational experiences for attendees. This area is designed for attendees to learn new skills, explore their creativity, and engage with experts in various fields. The Summit will be the proverbial mountaintop where wisdom can be shared by experts and professionals from their respective fields. Content at The Summit is intended to be an integration space, where the topical content that was featured across Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Spirit altars is now showcased in a central courtyard, located in the place where our Lucid University has historically hosted its educational offerings.

The Summit features a mix of hands-on workshops, panel discussions, and demonstrations led by industry leaders and subject matter experts. Some examples of workshops that might be offered at The Summit include lucid dreaming, communication, wellness, art, community, permaculture, and more. The Summit is a place for attendees to discover new passions and interests, and to learn from and connect with others who share those interests.

A fair skinned man with long hair sitting on the ground lecturing to a group.

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Lucidity Festival