Stages & Venues

A crowd in front of a brightly lit stage, a laser show emitting from the stage.

Lucid Stage

The Lucid Stage is the high-energy center of our festival featuring a lineup of top-notch artists who specialize in bass music and livetronica featured on a beautiful stage with...

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Fair skinned blond woman on stage playing guitar and singing

Alive Stage

The Alive Stage of yesteryear is making a return in The Great Synthesis. You can count on boot stomping bluegrass, fine fiddle folk, hip hop, reggae, and even some...

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A view looking out from the DJ booth at the dancing crowd that has gathered.

The Nook

Showcasing a wide range of electronic music and genre-bending DJs, Lucidity is excited to host cutting edge regional and national electronic artists.

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Located on the far side of the Air Realm against the river.  Come dive even deeper into the underground sounds of house & techno.

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A fair skinned man with long hair sitting on the ground lecturing to a group.

The Summit

The Summit is a workshop zone at the festival that offers a variety of interactive and educational experiences for attendees. This area is designed for attendees to learn new...

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People inside a cozy space with paintings hung on bamboo walls.

Branches Mobile Gallery

Come inside this special art gallery and bask in the many visions of our artists’ creative expression.. Each artist offers their powers of perception and the resulting work selflessly...

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A woman dancing with colorful rainbow flags.


Located in the heart of the Family Garden, the Imaginarium invites children of all ages into theatrical wonder and play.

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Camp ASL Love

The accessibility work of the interpreters and CAmp ASL Love facilitators supports Deaf Healers, Workshop Hosts, and the many Musical Acts on Lucidity's Lineup!

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A fair skinned woman giving another fair skinned woman a massage on a massage table.


Seek out this relaxing and activating space whether on an introspective journey or exploring with friends. 

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Two men and one woman posing in a jewelry vending stall.

Magical Marketplace

Our Magical Marketplace is a place to find that special artifact of your Lucidity experience.

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A young boy wearing fuzzy ears headband and two young girls one wearing fun sunglasses, the other wearing a crown of flowers.

Fairies’ Hollow

Welcome to The Fairies' Hollow, a magical place where children's dreams become reality! Located in the Family Garden, this enchanting activity zone is sure to be a hit with...

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Mindful Feeding Kitchen

The Mindful Feeding Kitchen, just like your home kitchen, is the heart of our festival, it brings us all together—a big part of the magic that connects our community.

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A group of people doing acro yoga inside the Movement Lab

Movement Lab

The Movement Lab hosts classes in breath-work, yoga, contact improv, flow play, interactive dance, and free form expression, under shade and on a padded floor.

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Mythos Oracle Sanctum

Our professional Oracles use a variety of cards, intuition, and cues to align with the elements and totems of The Great Synthesis.

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Ceremonial Fire & Drum Circle

We welcome and invite drums into this space and host morning and evening drum circles. The drum beat symbolizes our heart and breath and unifies the energetic field of...

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Deja Vu Portal

Nestled in the heart of the Lucid City, in the Realm of Spirit, you can connect with the Oracles as well as other guides to experience your unique place...

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Star Gazing Campground

Enjoy an all new way to experience camping at Lucidity in the all new star gazing quiet camping location taking place in our upper parking lot.

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