Dr. Rachel

Dr. Rachel Stricker is a naturopathic physician, yogi, plant-based chef, twin flame lover and mama of two boys, located in Jacksonville, Oregon. Dr. Rachel strives to always uphold the naturopathic principle of Docere, or physician as teacher. She is passionate about activating and empowering others to see their limitless potential, heal from their wounds of the past and become the best version of themselves. Dr. Rachel is a lifelong learner, always diving into new studies as well as ancient wisdom. She gets particularly excited about topics that unify science and spirituality. She is currently a candidate for PhD in Quantum Science through Quantum Activism Vishwalyam in Jaipur, India. Dr. Rachel’s depth of knowledge and experience is only surpassed by her boundless curiosity and compassion. Dr. Rachel has a been a member of the Lucidity Council for Peace since its inception, serving as a grounded anchor for the transformation of the individual and collective Lucid Dreamers.

Scheduled Workshops

  • A God of Many Names

    90 min | The Summit

    In this workshop, we’ll discuss the similarities, rather than the differences between religions and spiritual belief systems, with a particular emphasis on esoteric Christianity and Hinduism/Vedic wisdom. We’ll discuss perspectives on the undeniable existence of a Godhead per evidence-based quantum science and ancient Hermetic teachings. We’ll discuss developing a relationship with God through connection, prayer, and meditation. We’ll explore how to transition from a life path led by service-to-self to a life path of service-to-all, by recognizing the difference between the True/Higher Self and the False/Ego Self, and how this leads to greater happiness, peace, and contribution to the transition into the New Earth.