Beholder Sphere

Beholder Sphere is a visual artist and filmmaker. As a teenager, he had empowering and uplifting experiences with lucid dreaming. In 2004 he produced a short 12 minute documentary film on Lucid Dreaming called: Explorers of the Lucid Dream World. For the following decade he continued studying and presenting information on how to have more vivid, meaningful and lucid dreams.

Over time his dream work gave way to other forms of spiritual work. He found inspiration and depth in studying tarot cards and universal human experiences in the form of archetypes. In particular the major arcana of the tarot became a profound path of higher awareness and self improvement. This is where he focuses his artistic self expression and personal growth on his spiritual path.


Scheduled Workshops

  • 7 Things you need to know to have a Lucid Dream

    60 min | The Summit

    Anyone can learn the skill of lucid dreaming. When you become aware of the dream while you are in it, it opens up whole new possibility of experiences you can have that feel as real and vivid as waking reality. Your dreams are unique and often address aspects of your life you are most concerned with. You can gain astonishing insight and grow as a person through your experiences with lucid dreaming. It’s also a lot of fun as you get better at it. This workshop will cover the most important aspects of lucid dreaming that will dramatically improve your skill level. It will also include step-by-step instructions on how to do a lucid dream practice using the “Wake-Back-To-Bed” technique.