Roxanne is a multifaceted being who loves to explore and observe multidimensional worlds. Instigating and joining collaborative endeavors that create situations, narratives, and experiences which inspire healing connection.

Often embodying the archetype of mother, lover, and high priestess she channels divine messages assisting those she feels called to connect with to aid in the manifestation of visions and dreams. Identifying, clarifying, committing to, or dissolving soul contracts to allow you to flow freely along your transformational journey.

Are you ready to incubate, gestate, and emerge?

Trained in Expressive Art Practices, plastic and conceptual fine art, psychology, Tantra, Reiki, and visual communication, she offers practical, knowledgable and wise council.  Able to serve as a powerful ally in material matters, she assist those who seek her guidance to recognize the resources they have at their fingertips and identify avenues for calling in support and creating paths toward more abundance while manifesting their visions and dreams.

The archetype of the fool is no stranger to her as she has been on her own journey into the unknown and is delighted to encourage those considering leaping from the precipice to confidently step forward with trust, and abandon.

Go from feeling tied down to light and free, depleted to full, as you glow up and dance with the natural cycles joyfully.

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