Mythos Oracle Sanctum

The Oracle is by nature a mystic, a bridge between the mythic and everyday worlds, incubating a vision of the dreamer’s personal journey and place in the cosmos. Moved to speak only by spirit, the Oracle is fearlessly devoted to the path of transformation and the evolution of humankind. Mystery is their nectar; enlightenment, their lifeblood.

The dreamer enters the realm of the Mythos Oracle Sanctum with the intention of communing intimately with their highest self. The Oracle serves as a conduit with the divine, shining a spotlight on the jewels nestled within the dreamer’s subconscious, drawing forth what is most true for them and yet, presenting only that which they are ready to assimilate. The dreamer leaves their realm with their vision expanded yet focused, eager to embrace all aspects of themselves, trusting they have everything they need for their journey.

Our professional Oracles use a variety of cards, intuition, and cues to align with the elements and totems of The Great Synthesis. The Mythos Oracle Sanctum, located at the bottom of the trail next to I Am Healing, offers participants a chance to dive deeper into the Lucidity Mythos. Our Oracles eagerly await your visit to both guide and empower your inner journey with an illuminating personal reading.

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