FAITH MYSTIC AMAYAIJAH is a sacred Goddess powerful Oracle who has been a seer, healer, loved one from the beginning and accepted and recognized as a being of LIGHT working as one in the temples. AMAYAIJAH owns an Organic spiritual alchemy company called HeavensCures and partners in a metaphysical spiritual shop in Berkeley California called Oya Nike. This amazing soul is an expert on everything spiritual. Between Lucidity and everywhere AMAYAIJAH is globally creating sustainable options to heal and save creations. It is true that she does have the abilities to see everything considered an All seeing Goddess Oracle. AMAYAIJAH has been working as a seer publicly since the age of 4. She has created her own dowsing practices and teaches as well as creates dowsing options for the masses to learn her methods and practices if they are chosen to be students. She has never compromised the truths that she shared during sessions and does healings.
I Am a global recording artist with over two thousand songs created globally. I sing readings through fully orchestrated songs & acapella . Currently I Am constructing multiple locations for cure creating as well as mystery schools attached to the communities. I’m on 1 Counsel of LIGHT Ethereal, Akashic seer also healer, prophetic artist, Alchemista, Tarot reader, Runes, Stones, Bells, shells, elements, eye scrying, energy reader, numerology with Archean, Ancestor communications, brain adjustments, pet communications, Activations, Ancient divination practices that are a surprise to those who experience my magical presence and powerful abilities.


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