Vaidehi Amair

Vaidehi Amair is a creative entrepreneur that loves to share spiritual knowledge and mantra through music and dance. Born and raised in the Bhakti Yoga tradition, she has a love for mantra and hip hop and now produces her own mantra trap bass/hip hop music with ancient Sanskrit chants. Her vision is to bridge the culture of Bhakti Yoga into the world of music and festival culture. She has performed on various stages such as LIB, Enchanted Forest, Envision Costa Rica, One Love Fest, Osho Tantra Gathering, Totality Fest, Bhakti Love Reunion, Love Long Beach Festival, Northern Nights, Raindance, Mountain Magic Camp and more. Enjoy her eclectic tunes by following her at @VaidehiAmair on Instagram and all social media platforms.

Festival Locations: