Lucid Stage

The Lucid Stage is the high-energy center of our festival featuring a lineup of top-notch artists who specialize in bass music and livetronica featured on a beautiful stage with stunning visuals. Nothing will snap you into the present quite like our Lucid Stage artists who are generally characterized by their heavy, driving basslines and use of electronic instruments and technology to create a live, dynamic sound, with electrifying audience energy. In addition to the music, the Lucid Stage also features epic performance art, bringing together elements of theater, dance, fire, and visual art to create a fully immersive experience. Also, don’t miss Devotional Mornings, brought to you by Sound as Medicine, for a gentle and intentional beginning to your day.

A crowd in front of a brightly lit stage, a laser show emitting from the stage.

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Lucidity Festival

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Elemental Realm of Spirit