Destiny’s Portal

Destiny’s Portal is a second-hand upcycled 94′ Coleman Destiny Royale’ tent trailer. Destiny has been to each chapter of Lucidity’s story arch (including many other festivals and Burning Man). Sometime after year four, the owner dreamed of becoming an active participant in Lucidity. In 2018 Destiny was stripped-down to become a storage place for festival gear and a commercial kitchen at Burning Man where 500 miniature pies were cooked. At that Burn it was conceived that Destiny could be used as a human nest; simultaneously supporting live painting (inspired by Furtherer at Symbiosis). It was during Chapter 8, Moon’s Eye View, when the theory was tested and Destiny received permission to sit within the boundaries of HI5’s (The Bee Hive) camp on separate sides of Lucid Lane. Destiny was aligned to take advantage of the beautiful white cliffs of Chumash country while the 8’x8’ easel faced Destiny; hence Destiny’s Portal, a nesting lounge for village goers coupled with soft lighting effects and art. The piece was a huge success. Destiny’s Portal embraced earlier morning coffee drinkers, mid-day nap seekers, a gaggle or two of pre-teens and late night wanderers. The nest captivated imaginations during the entry shuttle rides, brought people together and more importantly, swaddled friends in comfort and fun. Nesters not only witnessed, but participated in discussion around the live art work. One festival goer blessed us with their comment that Destiny was their “favorite art installation,” for its simplicity, creativity and overall usefulness.

Festival Locations: