Elemental Realm of Spirit

Spirit’s Characteristics

The Realm of Spirit overlaps all dimensions and physical elements, providing the framework for dreaming, waking, and All That Is. You will find the Lucid City still standing tall, as the Realm of Spirit is the place it will always and forever reside, on this earthly plane and in all dimensions. The consciousness of all mortal and eternal BEings intertwine to create the very fabric of the matrix we see and know.

The Elemental Avatar of Spirit / Dream world

Luci & the 7 Totem’s from the Dream

Luci was the first hu-being dreamt awake in the first throws of creation. She is ancestor to all, a unifying agent of timeless wisdom that we each have access to within our dreams and our waking mind, if we are open and aware of her. While she was created by the Elementals, fragmented from the same Creator Consciousness; she has constant access to them and their abilities, as do we all. The owl, coyote, doves, tiger, monkey, jaguar, and dragon are supportive guides and friends to Luci, just as they are embedded within our own psyche.

The Elemental Realm of Spirit is one of 5 Realms that are clustered throughout the meadows and majestic Oaks of the Lucidity landscape. Each has it’s own personality, mood and resonance. If you are drawn to earth energies, then you may often be found in the Earth Realm.

Find out about the other realms and how you can participate in the Lucidity Narrative.

These Environments can be found in this Realm:

  • Altar of Spirit

    Within the soul of the Lucid University we discover the Altar of Spirit; our tabernacle dedicated to the discipline of discovery, the unfolding of the once known, and the integrating of sacred knowledge.

  • The interior of the Art Temple at Lucidity Festival

    Art Temple

    Art Temple is the fertile ground for your imagination, artistry and creativity. We are creators creating creators.

  • Mindful Feeding Kitchen

    The Mindful Feeding Kitchen, just like your home kitchen, is the heart of our festival, it brings us all together—a big part of the magic that connects our community.

  • Pyrobar at sunset with aerialist performing on aerial rigged from crane.


    The industrious dragon that is the Pyrobar, spouts fire and spontaneous laughter, and boasts an aerial rig that doubles as a giganti netted swing.