Elemental Realm of Spirit

Spirit is simultaneously the unseen force within every blade of grass, drop of water, pebble, or breeze, and it is also the root of all being. An invisible, unquantifiable force, the mere existence of Spirit is a choice of perception. How does the scientist integrate Spirit? 

This element is for the lovers of the unknown,  the yet to be proven, and the ever unproved. It is the space that overlaps all physical, mental, emotional, and etheric bodies; the dimensional seat of consciousness that drives all life. Spirit powers the magic of manifestation, the collaboration within community, the cosmic burp of Deja Vu, transformation through healing. It imbues creativity in art, unifies a connection with our ancestors, and is the container holding all realities and dimensionalities. Spirit is Love, and through this Unified Field all things are possible.

The Realm of Spirit overlaps all dimensions and physical elements, providing the framework for dreaming, waking, and All That Is. You will find the Lucid City still standing tall, as the Realm of Spirit is the place it will always and forever reside, on this earthly plane and in all dimensions. The consciousness of all mortal and eternal BEings intertwine to create the very fabric of the matrix we see and know.