Monkey Monk

Dai Hasegawa “Monkey Monk” is a Los Angeles based multimedia artist, originally from Fukui Japan. Using oils, acrylics, spray paint, from small canvases to large scale murals. His art asks the observer to questions of themselves and explore their subconscious. His goal is to have his audience to look deeper than the surface to find the meaning. Through surrealism, he uses many angles to share his thoughts and raise awareness of environmental issues and self-improvement. His lifestyle of loving nature helps shape his art. The “Monkey Monk” is a mountain man from Japan. For over a decade, Dai has been carving his own character from art, tattoo, breakdancing, backpacking, curating his own mysterious vibe with brushstrokes and aerosol cans.

“I enjoy everyone’s different perspective and value them equally.” – Dai Hasegawa

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