Branches Mobile Gallery

Come inside this special art gallery and bask in the many visions of our artists’ creative expression. Each artist offers their powers of perception and the resulting work selflessly aids us all in accessing ourselves for no cost but a gaze.

Branches asks that you dig deep within while viewing the artwork and trust your own ability to perceive a new perspective through your personal connection with these illuminating visions. Please remember to support the artists as you can in return with an open heart, a kind exchange and something to take home.

All mediums are welcomed in our curative focus, from paintings to sculpture, low relief to high relief, interactive to conceptual. The creative techniques you’ll find will range from skills used and honed in the most ancient of times to those that kinetically exist on the very edge of now.

People inside a cozy space with paintings hung on bamboo walls.

Presented by:

Luke Holden and Lucidity Festival

This environment can be found in:

Elemental Realm of Spirit