Andrew and Monica

Andrew Ecker and Monica Patton are Drumming Sounds. Andrew born from the Apache “NDE”  born to the Irish, author ‘The Sacred 7’,  drum circle and Healthrhythms facilitator, speaker and life coach. Monica is a Reiki Master receiving her initiation under Astarius Miraculii at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. She is also trained in Healthrhythms, an artist, drum circle facilitator, sound healer and coach. Andrew and Monica as drum circle facilitators, spiritual teachers and community developers have been able to in over 25 years of combined effort facilitate more than 5000 drum circles some with tribal nations, churches, businesses, festivals, organizations and individuals. Some of these groups include The Havasupai Nation, Navajo Nation, Hopi Nation, Yaqui Nation, Gila River Indian Community, Tohono O’odham Nation, Native American Connections, United States Veterans Administration , City of Phoenix, Maricopa County Health Services, Baha’i Faith, Phoenix First Assembly of God, Neotribal the Gathering, Enchanted Forest Festival, Love long Beach, Lucidity Festival, Joshua Tree Music Festival, Symbiosis Festival, Beloved Festival, Elements Gathering, The Power of Prayer at Burning Man, Oregon Eclipse Festival, Blue Stargate, Gem and Jam, Earth Mother Mind Jam, Pot Of Gold Festival, Fyah on the Water, Tribal Stomp, Tribal Vision Festival. and many more. As a sound healers and facilitators Drumming Sounds has focused mostly on working with hospitals and institutions; 5 a day in memory care, psychiatric behaviors, drug rehabilitation, cancer care, post-acute rehabilitation, skilled nursing are some of populations they work with. Drumming Sounds specializes in creating sacred space.

Medicine or Calling

Transmuting human suffering, captivity and trauma with the ancient powerful medicine of sound through the drum.