Kudos LoKey

Kudos LoKey is a multi-instrumentalist, music producer/DJ and sound alchemist crafting musical stories for listeners seeking to journey into sonic medicine. Mixing a diverse range of bass music with global rhythms and psychedelic textures, Kudos is a true style bender who calls his sound 50 Shades of Bass.

Sharing stages with The Desert Dwellers, Andreilien, The Human Experience, Adham Shaikh, Michael Red, Dubmatix, Soohan and ill Gates, Kudos LoKey has reached broad audiences at festivals across North America (Camp Bisco, Beloved, Lucidity, Shambhala, Harvest Festival, Future Forest (New Brunswick), Valhalla, Eclipse (Quebec), Evolve Festival, Sonic Springs).

Continuing to build his original music catalog, Kudos LoKey has been released with Gravitas Records in 2022 and has remixed for Dubmatix, Tyr Kohout and Mr. Ours (France).

An enthusiastic performer who loves to energize a stage and move a crowd, Kudos is for a blessing and LoKey is for being earth connected with a reverence for Bass Music.

Festival Locations: