Vivé began her healing arts journey in 2003, while working as a nomadic whitewater rafting guide and massage therapist in South America. Over the last 20 years, she has been devoted to extensive studies in Deep Bodywork, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, and Traditional Thai Massage. She currently has a private massage practice in the majestic Yuba River Valley of Northern California. Vivé loves facilitating healing journeys, helping others find freedom within their hearts, bodies and spirits. May we all lighten our loads to walk more gently upon this earth. Inspired by the ocean, Vivé’s massage sessions weave together ancient wisdom, intuition and bodywork. She creates a sacred heart centered space, welcoming in divine healing energy to support your well being. Her flowing bodywork style encourages deep relaxation, while also aiming to help relieve painful conditions. Aligned with the wilds, Vivé incorporates hand crafted steaming herbal compresses into her massage sessions. Herbal compresses are beneficial for relaxing muscles, calming nerves, reducing inflammation and supporting detoxification. Vivé invites you to join her for a massage, surrender to the flow and connect with Mother Earth’s infinite wisdom.


  • Chakra Clearing and Balancing
  • General Massage and Bodywork
  • Thai Yoga Massage

Healing Description

Inspired by the ocean, Vivés flowing Thai massage sessions weave together gentle stretches, acupressure, energy line work, and herbal compresses. Herbal Thai massage is beneficial for relaxing muscles,calming nerves, and promoting detoxification. Vivé ethically collects medicinal plants from magical gardens and the wilds, blending them with traditional Thai herbs to create herbal compresses used in treatments.This heart centered meditative practice balances the chakras and connects us deeply with the earth. Vivé loves facilitating healing journeys with this ancient healing art.

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