Tyger Heart

Tyger Heart is an artist, healer, and ascension guide. They are a multi instrumentalist (singing, guitar, bongos), songwriter, producer, and DJ. They specialize in psychedelic + funk rock and play in a band called StarChild (previously Naked Revolt). Their main mission on Earth is to spread positivity, unconditional love, acceptance, and equality through the powerful vibrations of music and live performance. The messages within their music always seek to enlighten and uplift the consciousness of those listening, and guide them deeper into the journey of discovering the True Infinite Self. Tyger also writes scripts, poetry, musicals, and novels, directs music videos and films, and spray paints sacred geometry all over Los Angeles. When they aren’t creating art, they are facilitating a space for the healing of others utilizing Reiki, sound bowls, and their singing voice. They also love vegan food, dancing, and rollerblading. They are also dedicated to fostering commUnity and food sovereignty through an organization called One Love Collective. And they love you! No matter who you are 🙂


  • Reiki
  • Soul/Spirit Energywork
  • Sound Healing

Healing Description

I am a Reiki Master, Holistic Life Coach, and Sound Healer. I may look young, but I’m an Old Soul at my core. During the session, I create a safe and sacred space in which your Innate Divinity is Honored, Seen, Welcomed, and given the chance to Heal what may be repressed or lying within the sub/ unconscious. As I am closely connected to music, I work mainly with sound bowls, instruments, and my singing voice to re-align your energy field and conscious Awareness to the innate Perfection of your Spirit. I hold the Vibration of Unconditional Love to Allow whatever energy needs to be Expressed, Forgiven, Loved, and Understood. I am Gentle, Patient, but also Honest and Direct with energies that need to be seen and healed.

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