Luther Bryan

Luther Bryan has been on a personal mission to elevate the human body’s self-healing potential for twenty years. He is a pioneer of self and assisted flexibility and strength training techniques that utilize leverage, tension, and resistance to transform the body’s fascial tensegrity matrix.

Luther utilizes simple yet revolutionary techniques based on principles from toroidal geometry and traditional Chinese medicine to remove accumulated dense fascia and scar tissue from the body. More than a flexibility trainer, his work has empowered people throughout the world with a multi-dimensional experience that liberates and fortifies their body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

His life force activating methodology is a fusion of ancient medicinal teachings, sacred sciences, and cutting edge fitness and wellness practices, making him the secret weapon to some of the most prolific change makers and paradigm shifters of our time.

However, some of his most cherished accomplishments have been coming to the aid of people who have been severely injured or ill beyond what conventional medicine was able to relieve, leaving them turning to Luther as a last hope to reverse engineer their physical pain and suffering back to vitality and joy through freedom of movement.

This movement maven is a fierce but gentle force to be reckoned with when it comes to healing trauma within the body, as well as igniting the innate wisdom technology embedded within muscles, connective tissues, and organs as a gateway to accessing extraordinary health, peak performance, and next-level functionality!


  • General Massage and Bodywork

Healing Description

Luther’s work provides the missing link in nearly everyone’s physical training: overloading the negative/eccentric phase of movement to remove accumulated dense fascia and scar tissue from the body. His personalized hands-on technique targets every major muscle group for active flexibility and strength gains. He compliments this by sharing self-stretching exercises to empower you to be the authority of your health. Luther also offers mashing, a form of therapy where one uses the feet to facilitate deep changes in the body.


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