Danielle Denichaud

Weaving together her 16 years of recovery from systemic injury, illness and a spinal dislocation, Danielle created The Regenerative Joint Care Method, which offers practical ways to harmonize the individual joints with themselves, the Earth and gravity to reduce joint injury and recovery from inflammatory conditions. Loyal to her belief that our wounds are the key to our vitality, Danielle invites our personal stories of dis-ease to inform our pathway towards thriving well-being. Radiating loving-kindness, compassion and a breadth of Holistic Euro-Western and Indigenous Health Sciences Wisdom, her intention is to create the conditions for the innate healing capacity of each individual to blossom forth.


  • General Massage and Bodywork
  • Medical Qi-Gong
  • Myofascial Release

Healing Description

My approach to healing is informed by my 17 year personal journey of recovery from chronic pain, including auto-immune conditions, spinal injury and arthritis. I weave together holistic nutrition, medical qi-gong, somatic practices, functional movement and eco-spirituality to awaken the regenerative capacities living within your bones, muscles, tissues, mind and heart. It is my joy to offer hands-on physical manipulation, postural assessment and rehabilitative exercises to support your harmonious relationship with gravity and movement.

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