Arun Nolan

Based in the Cole Valley area of San Francisco, Arun has over 20 years’ experience as a full-time Massage Therapist in luxury spas and clinical settings. He also has over 5 years experience managing a private Massage Therapy practice within a Chiropractic setting, providing patients with targeted pain relief and deep relaxation prior to adjustment, giving him significant experience in the science of pain relief.

Arun pulls inspiration from styles such as Swedish | Deep Tissue | Myofascial Release | Sports Massage | Trigger Point Therapy | Reflexology | Lymphatic Drainage | Hot Stone Therapy and Reiki. He is a licensed RYT Yoga Therapist | Yoga Teacher and Meditation Teacher with over 2000 hours of training. He has facilitated and taught numerous Yoga Teacher Training workshops and Yoga retreats throughout the United States.

Arun has seen thousands of clients, all with unique individual needs and reasons for seeking Massage Therapy. This depth of experience has led him to streamline his practice into three basic services that bring together both his extensive training and professional experience in order to address each individual’s unique needs.

Arun believes in community involvement and helping the local community by sharing his talents. “In a tech driven demographic, the need for self-care and repetitive stress injury prevention is stronger than ever. It is my hope that I can be a useful asset for the health and wellbeing of the local community.”


  • Deep Tissue
  • General Massage and Bodywork
  • Myofascial Release

Healing Description

My style is very client based. I try to focus on what each person is needing and do me best to address those needs.

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