Valeria Valencia

Valeria Valencia was born with a strong desire to be a catalyst of change. She was born and raised in Calexico, a small border town, where she didn’t fit under the constructed norm. She chose a different path for herself and moved to San Diego when she was only 17 years old. Her journey of self-development evolved when she completed her first Yoga Teacher Training at Trilogy Sanctuary. Shortly after, she furthered her studies in yin yoga, energy healing and indigenous wisdom. Her passion for earth based practices grew when she traveled to Peru to learn more about indigenous ways. Since then, she’s been given the opportunity to live on land with community in Mexico and California where Valeria has had the honor to sit in traditional ceremonies with multiple maestros and maestras from Central and South America as well as learn about earth tending and shepherding. As she chose to dive deeper within ancestral wisdom, she felt the need and desire to help women remember the power of our wombs and the medicines of the Earth.

Scheduled Workshops

  • Menstruation in Relation to Mother Earth Tonantzin

    45 min | Fairies’ Hollow

    Cyclical living is a traditional menstrual cycle awareness method that our grandmothers used to live by before modern technology and pharmaceuticals existed. This way still applies to today because it invites women to remember the Earth’s seasons that we go through each month. Cyclical living teaches us how life is not linear and it allows us to understand ourselves better energetically, emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally. We live in a society today where women of all ages and all walks of life are being heavily influenced to rely on something outside of themselves and dissociate from the wisdom and intelligence that lives inside of us. In this case, this ancient remembrance is a source of empowerment, reclamation, and sovereignty for women to trust their bodies to be their guiding compass.

  • Traditional Womb Steam, Stories and Songs

    45 min | Fairies’ Hollow

    Womb steam, stories and songs are ancient ways our ancestors would gather in communion with the elements. Womb steam is a practice that invites us to create a deeper relation with Earth and womb medicine. This ritual has been practiced in over 36 countries around the world. Hot water and herbs are blended together in a pot as the steam travels through the whole reproductive system. Curanderas and parteras practice this modality today due to its profound benefits such as regulate periods, reduce cramps, improve digestive and sexual health, enhance fertility, postpartum recovery, release personal and generational trauma and more. Stories will be shared on the most pivotal points of a women’s life such as menarche, sex, birth and menopause. Traditional songs in spanish and native tongue will be shared to invoke prayers for healing. This offering is for maiden, mothers, aunties, and grandmothers in all walks of life.

  • Sound Immersive Experience

    45 min | Imaginarium

    Sound surrounds our lives in so many ways. We use sound to remind us, to give us drive, to dance and play, to focus and much more. In this immersive experience we use the power of sound to turn off the chatter of the mind and dive into the subtle body where the subconscious can be accessed to create somatic balance. Valeria and Harlan have various instruments and songs that will guide us into this somatic space of balance as it is a great honor and great joy for them to share sound and song that has greatly impacted their own lives.