Toni Nagy

Toni Nagy is dancer and the proud owner of the movement space and creative incubator SideStream Studio in Brattleboro, VT. Nagy has been teaching movement classes for over a decade at her studio where she workshopped and developed “Gyration Nation.” She graduated from Sarah Lawrence college where she majored in philosophy and dance. Nagy performs all over New England and her work is often driven by messages of social consciousness and activism.

Scheduled Workshops

  • Unleash Your Most Wild, Creative Self

    90 min | The Summit

    The workshop will use somatic practices to dive into our emotional stagnation and move through the mud in order to get our creative juices pouring out into the ocean of the collective consciousness. We will embody the feeling of “stuckness” and then explore what it is to free our mind, body, and spirt from the ways in which we hold ourselves back. We will look into the concept of self-censorship and how our relationship to ourselves, family, friends, and society can often lead to a primal fear of authentic expression. Through this work we will undress our wounds and then fashion them back up with the flair of the artist we were always born to be.