Regen Rosalie

A professional problem solver, thriving businesswoman and investor, CEO of Regener8tive, with a lifelong passion supporting opportunities that enhance economies, environments, and educations producing sustainable businesses and communities that repairs damage on many levels. From FOUR generations of Nevadans, she learned to see “the Big Picture” and how to avoid long-term negative impact, is why she has courage to shine light on truth and solutions to help the majority….using honest data to drive best next steps. She takes action, worked alongside disabled vets to erect affordable housing, and grow and sell healthy food and just not social media posting about her ideas. She has shared the stage with expanding thinkers like, Mariann Williamson, Brock Pierce, and G Edwards Griffin to name a few. She’s been opening speaker in front of NV Governor and Members of Congress, asking for accountable leadership and in direct dialog with Elon Musk.

Scheduled Workshops

  • How do We Safely Leverage AI Without Harming Humans?

    60 min | The Summit

    AI Roundtable Discussion- a viable plan to leverage AI responsibly and safely in helping humans. We are committed to pushing boundaries and exploring innovation to contribute positively to the world. The goal is to have nonthreatening respectful communication on forming trust councils in your network to realize the potentials of AI while minimizing risks to humans.