Rabie Hayek

Rabie Hayek is a world-renowned Breathworker and an electrifying speaker, teacher, visionary and peacemaker. Rabie founded Omnibreath, as well as the non-profit organization Do As One to raise the awareness of conscious breathing and the power of synchronously breathing together worldwide. Late one night in October 2006, Rabie went into a non-ordinary state of consciousness and came out of meditation with the vision to unite 1 billion people to breathe together synchronously on planet Earth, using the Internet. The World Breathing Room technology was created to give humanity tools to return this great unifying power back into our culture.

After teaching optimal, conscious and synchronous breathing techniques for many years and seeing the great effects of the Life Force on his own path, Rabie knew he wanted to make a dynamic difference in the world around him, one breath at a time. Rabie travels the world teaching a modality he designed over 15 years called Life Force Mastery that seeks to establish self-love, self-power and self-knowledge and get body, mind and spirit moving harmoniously together as One to ultimately create Superhero Living and a lifestyle of healthy, conscious breathing. Rabie is dedicated to bringing powerful breathing technologies to the world, that have the opportunity to affect the health, mindfulness and creativity of the next generation and beyond.


Scheduled Workshops

  • The Evolved Power of Unified Conscious Breathing & Group Prana Elevation

    60 min | The Summit

    Come detox from the excess hum of the societal rhythms and RESET & RECHARGE for your late nights at Lucidity. Unify the potential power of your life force with your come-unity! This is where we get to receive for all the evolutionary work we have been doing in our lives! Good job! Come arrive into the embrace of the breath and heighten your inner breathing panorama today. The Oneness field will be palpable and you will leave with a new understanding of your conscious breathing power.