Mark Goerner

“I thrive when living an artful existence creating solutions for an optimistic future.”

Mark Goerner’s work centers around comprehensive design, systems thinking, illustration, and the arts. He has contributed concept design work to the automotive, gaming, theme park, movie, and tech industries for 25 years. It’s his love of nature, experience with manufacturing, and interest in bettering humanity that inspired him to found Eqogo, a robust platform to evaluate and rate products on their social, environmental, and quality attributes. Mark seeks to make the pursuit of transparency a contagion for irreversible change.

Scheduled Workshops

  • The Art of Mindful Acquisition - Building a Startup with Soul

    45 min | The Summit

    Take a trip through the process of lifting an idea from the page of a sketchbook and bringing it into reality – the building of Eqogo, a tech company created to solve one of our most pressing issues: overconsumption. This image-rich presentation seeks to inspire people to step outside their silos and comfort zones to make their voices heard and ideas seen. While most of us are aware that changes need to made to our consumer culture, it can be daunting to consider where to start. I’ll show examples of my personal path as a futurist and commercial-artist-turned-entrepreneurial-activist to illustrate one such journey to making a profound impact in our collective behaviors.