Madaly Love

Madaly Love is a quantum healer, earth medicine guide, cosmic channel, addiction recovery coach, community leader, ancestral alchemist, and multi-dimensional chingonx! They are a student of curanderismo (Mexican folk medicine) and a lover of all things sacred. Madaly’s mission is to support you to open your heart to the universe, tap into your intuitive gifts, and heal across generations and timelines. They are committed to trauma-informed space holding and believe that you are your own best healer. Madaly’s ancestors come from Mexico — with roots in Zacatecas and Michoacán. They are of Chichimec, Nahua-Otomi, Purepecha, & Mayan roots, and hold accountable grace for their Spanish roots too. Madaly holds sacred cacao ceremonies in the bay area and online. They also provide energetic healing through reiki and quantum energy work. Other Areas of Focus: Heart Activation, Ancestral Alchemy, Inner Child Healing, Earth Medicine, Spirituality, Mindfulness, Somatics, Psychedelic Integration.

Scheduled Workshops

  • Cacao Ceremony: Purify Your Spirit with Joy

    90 min | Sacred Fire

    Awaken your heart through a blissful cup of ceremonial cacao, while you are held by the spirits of the land and your ancestors. You will become your inner child’s dream hero and play in the quantum realms of your sacred heart. Through song and dance, you will discover your super power as part of a bigger prayer for the healing of the land and the collective. You will be showered in sparks of inspiration to reignite your passions for creating beauty in your life and in the world. Join us as we commune with mama cacao! Your joyful spirit is calling!

  • Cacao Ritual and Recovery Group

    60 min | Fairies’ Hollow

    Join us as we share a sacred cup of cacao and gather in sober/recovery community. Festivals can be such an overwhelming place with so man energies! Come chill out in loving space as we discuss what recovery looks like in festival settings.