Madaly Love

Madaly Love (they/them) is a curanderx, entheogenic guide, addiction recovery coach, quantum energy healer, community leader, ancestral alchemist, environmental justice advocate, and all around chingonx! They are a humble student of the land and a lover of all things sacred. Madaly’s mission is to support you to open your heart to the universe, tap into your intuitive gifts, and heal across generations and timelines. They are committed to trauma-informed facilitation and believe that you are your own best healer.

Madaly has been in a deep study with cacao for 6 years. They have shared cacao circles with thousands of people across the US. Cacao found Madaly when they first got sober. Cacao was and is a big part of their recovery journey. Madaly is in deep devotion and service to the medicine, to the cacao spirit, the land, and the original keepers of this medicine: the Mayans. Madaly has studied with Mayan elders, Mexican curanderas, and other incredible healers. Madaly’s ancestors are of the Chichimec, Nahua-Otomi, & Purepecha people (as well as Spanish ancestry). Madaly is on a deep journey of self-love through decolonization work.


Scheduled Workshops

  • Sacred Cacao Circle: Purify Your Spirit with Joy

    75 min | The Summit, Fairies’ Hollow

    Awaken your heart through a blissful cup of ceremonial cacao. In this ceremony, you will be held in sacred and loving space. You will become your inner child’s dream hero and play in the ethereal realms with the ancestral spirits. Through stillness, singing, and dancing – you will discover your super powers as part of a bigger prayer for the healing of the collective. You will be showered in sparks of inspiration to reignite your passions for creating beauty in the world. Come join us as we dream into and reimagine potent and everlasting heart expansion through this sacred cacao circle!

  • Cacao Ritual & Recovery Group

    75 min | Fairies’ Hollow

    Are you a person in recovery or someone who’s sober curious? Do you need a space to retreat from the festival to reground and re-center? Come find healing, harmony, and bliss as we enjoy a cup of ceremonial cacao! In this Cacao Ritual and Recovery Group, you will awaken the heart space while also grounding your mind and body. You’ll meet other incredible folks in recovery and get to integrate your festival experiences in real time. All that is needed to participate is a curiosity about recovery. Please try to be on-time so we can set the container together.