Anapamu Alliance by Amber B. Pagaling & Carmen Aqimowon Sandoval

Amber is a multi-disciplined artist and poet. She is a Chumash tribal descendant from kalawašhaq’ in Santa Ynez California and was raised in Ventura County. She graduated in 2005 from Art Center College of Design, Pasadena in Illustration. By 2007, her understanding of the polycrisis in larger systemic issues in the world had inspired a shift in thinking and pursuing how creativity can exist in service to larger collective resilience. This caused a detour from exhibiting art, placing it in the background for personal practice, as this shift eventually evolved into a holistic economic framework called the Regenerative Footprint by 2016. This framework centers on indigenous thought principles for the stewardship of economies, ecologies, and societies. Its goal is to function at small feasible scales within collaborative networks based on Inter-Generational Equity, watersheds, bioregions, and the protection of living culture and heritage. The integration of this work, which led to the detour away from publicly expressed art, was brought into synthesis using poetry and film through the Buckminster Fuller Institute’s Design Science Studio internship of 2020-2021. Currently, the embodiment of this work is being applied in Collaboration with fellow tribal member Carmen Sandoval and the Land Clinic for a non-profit and Indigenous Land Trust called the Anapamu Alliance. Which exists to succeed in the Rematriation and preservation of Chumash indigenous land practices and culture on pre-columbian territories.


Scheduled Workshops

  • šumawɨštaš [shoo-mah-woosh-tosh] A Chumash Conversation on local REMATRIATION

    45 min | The Summit

    The Anapamu Alliance, a Chumash women-led organization, will be presenting their work as it relates to cultural preservation, Rematriation, and the Landback movement. ‘Anapamu’ translates to the place of rising and is derived from various sacred sites across pre-columbian territories. They will be discussing the behind-the-scenes process of forming an indigenous-led land trust, its partnerships, and insights around this collective form of healing as it relates to place. Various living cultural offerings will be exhibited and shared, as well as a traditional Chumash song and poetry performance. Opening and closing prayers will be followed by a Q+A session. Come sit with us as we unpack this conversation with healing-justice in mind and heart on these ancestral lands.