Chapel Perilous

Chapel perilous is a psychological state, and it’s the state of mind you find yourself in any time you’re confronted with new information that rings with truth but conflicts with what you’ve always believed about yourself or the world around you. The Chapel Perilous art installation illustrates Timothy Leary’s eight circuit model of consciousness, which offers a blueprint to eight types of intelligence that help us weave in and out of the state of chapel perilous with grace.

It features four columns, each with a wooden relief illustrating one of the survival circuits or intelligences on the bottom, serving as a foundation for an illuminated faux stained glass window above it illustrating one of the expansive post-survival intelligences. During the day, the windows appear as stained glass, and at night, thousands of LEDs turn them into a display for custom graphics accentuating the designs for the expansive circuits playing on a loop.

Festival Locations: