Z Flowstate

Xenia Cochran, also known as “Z”, is a fire performance artist based out of San Diego. She began her journey learning the flow arts in 2018 when she dedicated herself to practicing the levitation wand, also known as, the flow wand. Since then, she has pursued other props such as the rope dart, fans, contact staff, dragon staff, and hoop.

In 2020, Z was taught the safety precautions of fire dancing, and by integrating her knowledge of the flow arts, she began a new journey of fire spinning and performing. For the past few years, she has performed at local events and festivals as well as for her Burning Man Camp in 2022 and 2023. She has experience performing with both fire and LEDs, solo performing, and performing choreographed pieces with groups.

Outside of the flow arts, her passions include, backpacking, rock climbing, camping, festivals, and staying connected to her friends and family.

Festival Locations: