Toni Nagy

Toni Nagy is a stand-up comedian and content creator most known for her viral videos where she interpretive dances her philosophies while pontificating, gyrating, and questioning culture. She has 600,000 followers across her social media platforms, not that she’s counting or anything. Her comedy is quasi–radical, pseudo-philosophical, somewhat-existential, and mostly funny. Observing Toni’s work is like micro-dosing shrooms, but then an hour later wondering, “wait… was that actually a macro-dose!?” She’s directed and acted in numerous films and written multiple award-winning screenplays and is the founder of Cavelight Productions. Nagy has performed stand up at the Comedy Store in LA, Flappers LA, Elysian Theater LA, Greenwich Village Comedy Club NY, the Improv Boston, Laugh Boston, Next Stage Theater Vermont, the Palm Springs Comedy Festival, and the infamous “Sweet” show at the Chelsea Music Hall in NYC. The Broadway Comedy NYC club twice voted her “Best New Comedian.” She is currently on a national tour performing a two-person multi-disciplinary comedy show with her 13-year old daughter entitled “Go To Your Womb!” It’s like a PG-13 acid trip you’ll later want to process with your therapist. She is also on tour with her one-person show Men, Come Inside of Me, a comedy show during which she embodies all the men that have come inside of her, both metaphorically and literally. Toni relates to the men that have come inside of her, and connects to them on a heart, soul, and genital level. Her effort to uncover these men is entwined with her desire to understand them, as well as herself.


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