Sideshow Chelle

Chelle has been a performer for the past 12 years, fire dancing and specializing in the Flow Arts. She is the current fire circle safety and performance coordinator for Firedrums and Stilldream festivals. As well as, curates variety shows and performances affiliated with Serendipitous Circus and Tahoe Fire Dancers. Chelle also leads and performs with her Burning Man conclave; Lucid Flame! She has passionately shared her performances at many festivals on the West Coast, as well as presenting a variety of workshops. She has experience hosting fire dancing safety classes and teaches safety to a wide range of fire performers in the Reno/Tahoe area. She is a passionate dancer And well rehearsed soloist, as well as teaches and develops choreography with different partners. Chelle loves to entice a crowd, and has a very sassy and comical essence communicated through her dance!


Festival Locations: