Kateri Rosemary, an insured performance coordinator and arts enthusiast, brings her mastery to aerial, fire, and various dance forms. With a global footprint spanning seven countries and numerous American states, she has woven her artistry on diverse stages.

Her journey includes training, teaching, and performing with Momentom Collective, various dance troupes, and as a solo artist. Kateri has graced the spotlight at renowned festivals like Burning Man, Envision, Lighting in a Bottle, and more, crafting enchanting performances that transcend borders.

Beyond festivals, her artistry shines at weddings, local festivals, shows, cabarets, tours, and private events. Collaborating with exceptional artists, she not only showcases her individual brilliance but also curates performances with her own circus troupe, captivating audiences on diverse stages.

For Kateri, performance art is a healing force, a remedy for the soul. Her enthusiasm to share this artistic medicine remains unwavering, promising continued enchantment for audiences seeking the transformative power of performance.


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