Hooptimism is a multi-prop fire performer and flow artist with 10+ years of experience in single and multi-hooping, acrobatic hooping, and multiple fire props. She is a member of multiple professional flow groups including The Firemingos and Lumia Dance Company, where she also serves as a board member and choreographer. Before flow, Hooptimism’s first creative love was musical theatre. She has over 15 years of experience in voice, acting, tap, jazz, ballet, and acro. Hooptimism has performed in a wide variety of events and shows across the US, including renowned festivals and events. In addition to performing, Hooptimism has substantial teaching experience. She has led three ten-week beginner performance and hoop dance class series for children and teens since 2010, and regularly provides private lessons and tutorials for children and adults.

Hooptimism’s specific brand of flow performance reflects her past experience as a theatre performer, as she is very driven in her dance by the connection of movement and music. Her performances are often character driven and tell a certain story. In this way she invites her audiences to connect to the present moment when they watch her dances, by truly feeling the music and how it brings out certain movements and weaves a narrative together. Hooptimism believes that connecting to oneself and others through flow arts brings about a sense of pure joy and hope, which leads to a certain optimism about life and the world that can emerge from taking the time to dance and flow.


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