Fishbon Theatre Presents: The 5th Annual Lucid-olympic Games

This is our 7th (?) time running our loving satire of festival culture, with events such as Long-Distance Acupuncture, DJ Aerobics and the 100-Meter Walk of Shame. It is very interactive, and volunteers can fully participate in the event and go back to their tents with medals. We aim to provide post-midnight entertainment for when the stages shut down, and we hope to run the event like last year: Saturday midnight in the Movement Lab. The event description is below:

For one night only, YOU can compete in the 7th Annual Lucidolympic Games, proving your mettle in feats of spiritual strength and endurance versus competitors drawn from festivals all across the globe!

How fast can you open every chakra?
Can you out-unconditionally hug your opponents?
Do you have the speed and serenity to win the Zen Gardening relay race?

Come to the Movement Lab and place your chi on the starting line. Chakras will be opened. Psychic energy will be spilled. Who will bring home the gold? Don’t miss this paradigm-shattering event.

The Lucid-olympic Games
Dare to dream.
Dare to win.


Festival Locations: