Brittany Quidang

Brittany Quidang (BQ), an avant-garde storyteller and creative director, began her journey in storytelling and performance in 5th grade, initiating impromptu skits with friends. Faced with personal challenges during her teenage years, including battling anorexia and undergoing two hip replacements, BQ found solace in dance. This medium became her outlet for processing mental and physical trauma, leading her to discover her prowess in performance, choreography, and directing. Her work, known for its thought-provoking narratives and healing through radical performance, embraces structured improvisation and aims to provide therapeutic experiences for both performers and audiences.

Today, BQ stands out as a distinctive movement artist, celebrated for her expressive, abstract dance form. She has contributed to various acclaimed productions, including Insomniac, Lightning in a Bottle, Groove Cruise, Okeechobee, Incendia, Life is Beautiful, Symbiosis, and The Grand Artique. Her work transcends the boundaries of traditional dance, engaging in both physical and social movements with a mission to broaden our understanding of the human experience. Through her unique approach to dance, BQ continues to reflect on and expand perspectives, making significant impacts on the dance and performance art community.

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