Molly Pekula

Molly’s guidance is grounded in ancient tools that provide a holistic framework of understanding self and timing cycles. Her academic background is in psychology & philosophy. She’s studied and practiced astrology for over nine years. Human design and numerology are incorporated into her sessions.

Areas of interest and expertise include: Natal charts, Transits, Mundane Astrology, Electional Astrology (date selection for important events), Astrology for Business, Relationship Astrology (composite and synastry readings)


  • Astrology
  • Clairvoyant
  • Numerology

Oracle Description

Life has many ebbs and flows and astrology is a map that illuminates these various cycles so we can learn from the challenges and align to opportunities. I help people remember their dharma, honor their gifts and release patterns that hold them back. I also help couples have greater understanding of one another and the shared purpose of their relationship.

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