The Psychedelic Hoedown Ft. David Satori, Morillo, & Evan Hatfield

Born from the serendipitous convergence of creative spirits Zach Morillo, Evan Hatfield, and David Satori. Together in Zach’s funky West LA studio. The process was fluid and a seamless integration of inspiration.

Zach Morillo, known for his dynamic percussion skills, brings a unique rhythm to the group that is both compelling and innovative. His expertise in blending traditional drumming with electronic beats creates a rich, textured foundation for their music.

Evan Hatfield, a virtuoso on the sitar and various stringed instruments, infuses the trio’s sound with layers of depth and cultural resonance. His ability to weave intricate melodies with complex harmonies adds an ethereal quality to their compositions.

David Satori, with his multi-instrumentalist background and experience in various musical genres, acts as a bridge between the diverse styles of his bandmates. His creative vision and versatility in playing a wide range of instruments lend a distinctive flavor to their collective sound, making it expansive and universally appealing.

Together, these musicians are eager to share their unique blend of sounds and experiences with their audience, inviting listeners to dive into the vibrant energy of their live performances.

Festival Locations: