The Galactivators

The Galactivators provide a multicultural/multi-faith healing experience where people can tap into the energy of nature and mother earth through music and dance. They create a unique music experience for all kinds of events, from small private events to large scale festivals. Their music is created with the intent of activating the audience’s self-healing abilities through communal dance, interactive call & response, and empowering lyrics. The organization is established in the local community in Long Beach, CA, and serves people around the world through various unique avenues. The Galactivators know people’s unique challenges when pursuing spiritual guidance and empowerment.

The Galactivators strive to create the best experience for your event. Galactica & Saint J can perform as a duo or with a full multi-piece live band of amazing talented musicians from the local Long Beach, CA music scene. They guide the participates through a journey of musical awakening with singing, and dance. It is this band’s intent for everyone in the world to be a self-realized musician, so that we can all Galactivate together!


Festival Locations: