Dreamboat Oasis

Our Hearts In-Tent is a collective of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) queer healers and artists, who create an inclusive sacred space for community care and wholesome fun. The group’s theme camp proposal for Lucidity 2024 is titled: Dreamboat Oasis.

This village consists of two large working spaces for group experiences. The first space is the Dreamboat, a structural installation of a ship (10ft x 25ft) that will serve as a space to hold group offerings, as well as function as the entryway to the second larger space, the Dream Tent. The Dream Tent is a multicolor bell tent measuring 16.5ft in diameter, and also serves as a space for group gatherings.

In line with the festival’s narrative, The Dreamboat Oasis will offer lucid dreaming journeys, sound healing, collaborative art, arts and crafts, plant and tea ceremonies, and cozy late night lounges. It is a space to be safely guided through the lucid dreamscape by seasoned herbalists, sound healers, artists, and medicine people.

The Dreamboat crew will guide visitors on a variety of journeys aboard the nautical vessel, joyfully delivering them to the whimsical Dream Tent that will be filled with color, fun, coziness, and inspiring activities to foster heart-centered dreams and visions. The goal is to gather kindred souls and offer a safe and joyful space to conjure, share, and voice individual and collective dreams for liberation. May the collective DREAM BIG together!

Festival Locations: