Angel Nathaniel

Angel Nathaniel, also known in the festival world as Nature Dreamweaver is a naturally gifted and talented intuitive energy healer who channels angelic energy to assist in the awakening, transformation, and healing of all beings through a process of conscious, creative, counseling, coaching and consulting. As the artist Nature, He is known for building sacred spaces called NESTs (New Earth Star Temples). In this practice, Nathaniel uses the art of “nesting” to Nest your life, meaning to create sacred space and divine order in one’s life in order to manifest their desires and create the reality of one’s dreams.

Nathaniel specializes in health and wellness issues that he has personally faced over 20 years including chronic physical pain from scoliosis, anxiety, depression, trauma, heartbreak, PTSD, headaches, creative blocks, money issues, shadow work, and life’s most common tests and challenges. Nathaniel’s approach is grounded in earth based shamanic practices learned from 15 years of going to ceremonies. Nathaniel is also a practitioner of Kundalini Yoga and a teacher of the Global Bowspring (, a revolutionary postural alignment system that works to balance, strengthen, and expand all systems of the mind-body. These types of sessions require hands-on healing to help sculpt the body into alignment. Nathaniel calls upon a higher power and the unconditional loving energy of the universe to help assist and guide his practice to deliver the highest quality service. His wish, hope, and prayer for those he works with is that they are on a path to become healthy, happy, holy, and in love with their life, feeling a deep connection to themselves, the earth, and the universe.


  • Chakra Clearing and Balancing
  • Reiki
  • Soul/Spirit Energywork

Healing Description

I have a intuitive heart-based shamanic and yogic approach to healing. I am merely the vessel and channel for spirit to move through. While I do need to be present, there is a process and practice of removing my SELF from the equation in order to channel the most balanced and purest energy and information to the patient. I have a lot of personal life experience from having to heal myself so much over the years in so many different ways on all levels: mental, physical, emotional, spiritual. Astrologically, I embody Chiron, the wounded healer and it’s part of my dharma and Karma to offer healing to the world.


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