Cole Hazard

Born and raised in the Refugio Mountains on the Gaviota coast, surrounded by a forest of oaks, Cole quickly fell in love with nature and its surroundings, which has had a heavy influence on his art. Currently nestled in the foothills of the Santa Ynez mountains and overlooking Santa Barbara, California, he continues to dial in his prolific and visionary artistic style. With a vast imagination of different thematic  elements, Cole enjoys painting in many different forms. From realistic to surrealistic landscapes, to symmetrical-sacred geometric patterns, Cole enjoys the process of trying new things and expanding his style by experimenting in blending different elements that appeal to the human eye. With a rich background in graffiti, Hazard has always had a knack for hand-drawing, but his true passion is live painting at music and art festivals. Music and art festivals were the initial spark that spoke to Cole and brought him closer to his inner voice telling him to follow his dreams as an artist. In addition to raw painting, you’ll often find him sketching ideas on his digital tablet, developing logo and branding concepts or clothing/apparel design.

Festival Locations: