Suzanne Toro

Suzanne Toro is a multifaceted professional with over 30 years of experience in business, education, culinary arts, and wellness. As an author, speaker, wellness practitioner, and sound therapist, she specializes in empowering individuals and groups towards transformative growth in personal and professional realms. Suzanne is dedicated to teaching her clients and audiences about cultivating balance, inner peace, and success. Her published works include “Bare Naked Bliss…Loving From Within” and “Sun Play.”

Suzanne conducts workshops and retreats nationally and internationally, ranging from corporate environments to remote locations, focusing on communication improvement, well-being, self-reliance, and interdependence. She holds a Bachelor of Science from Arizona State University and has qualifications in Ayurveda, herbalism, Tibetan Dreaming Yoga, Yoga teaching, ceremony mastery, psycho-spiritual Chinese medicine, counseling, and medical nutrition therapy.

Her global travels have enriched her education and experience under the tutelage of traditional leaders. Previously, as the COO and creative force behind Jeepney Music, founded by of the Black Eyed Peas, Suzanne played a key role in producing hit music videos and supporting emerging artists. Today, Suzanne leverages various media to extend her healing modalities, supporting her clients’ healing and success, and contributing to humanity’s growth and refinement in this new era.


Scheduled Workshops

  • SunPlay Storytelling. Song. Play.

    45 min | Imaginarium

    Suzanne Toro, Author of SunPlay, offers story time for big and little kids. During this 30-60 minute gathering, she will read SunPlay, Sing Songs, create real time art based play with the children and share spoken word stories that compliment the theme of Lucidity.

    SunPlay is a book encouraging the power of renewal daily and the opportunity to be present and leave yesterday behind. In addition, Suzanne has a way with both the parents and children that engages everyone. She is a mother of two and has taught children from in many natural settings for over ‘3’ decades.

    “Sun Play was created for all the children and adults that have the opportunity to take a pause and read this story together. May it serve each of you as a reminder that you can leave yesterday behind and to embrace the new day as it arrives. Kesic, my son, inspired the creation of this book. The original memory, that fed this story, still brings a smile to my face and heart.

    As inspired, sit down with your child(ren) hold presence and read Sun Play. Story time will always be a gift and memory for both of you.

  • Art of Living and Dying

    60 min | Fairies’ Hollow

    Suzanne will teach you what it means to be in a Daily Practice and ‘Art of Living and Dying.’

    During this presentation/workshop, you will learn how to transform your afflictions and honor the preciousness of life. In addition, you will explore how to prepare for your death~birth gateway. Most importantly, you will understand how to make peace with life and death. Which will lead you to start living freely.

    The Results:

    • Make Peace with Living and Dying
    • Inner and Outer Reconciliation with your Past and Present into the Future.
    • Deeper understanding of Cause and Effect
    • Meditations and Practices to Support a Long Life and Happiness
      is based on her coursework that she offers during retreats and on-line. In addition, she has a digitial on demand course available.

    Suzanne Toro teaches and offeres services in her private practice that support al three gateways of the lifecycle. Birth, Life, and Death. She has assisted many precious souls as the enter the physical realm and exit the the physical realm. She is an adept Psychonaut with the gift to see beyond the physical realm into middle ground. She has been tracking lives and assisting souls in the bardo since as far back as she can remember.

    She has also been watched over and called home by many traditional elders from different parts of the world. Her practices straddle many traiditions and are proficient in practices from India, Tibet, Hopi and the Island Nations. During this presentation and/or workshop, she integrates this knowledge coupled with the hands on practical experience she has from several decades of supporting others in her wellness practice.

    Suzanne Toro will teach in this workshop how to retain and refine a lucid dreaming practice in all states of being. In addition, she will share how to build a practice that will assist you in between lives and/or before liberation.

    “Nothing could be further from the truth. But in a world dedicated to distraction, silence and stillness terrify us; we protect ourselves from them with noise and frantic busyness. Looking into the nature of our mind is the last thing we would dare to do. Sometimes I think we don’t want to.”
    ~ Sogyal Rinpoche, The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying