Stephanie Karzon Abrams

Stephanie’s career as a clinical pharmacologist transcends traditional boundaries. Just as the laboratory bench symbolizes her educational roots, her journey has extended further, blending clinical excellence with strategic mindset, and entrepreneurship with artistry. Through her consultancy, Beyond the Bench, her goal is to provide comprehensive guidance and expert advice, offer open access education, conduct research, and support initiatives seeking to make a positive impact, in order redefine the landscape of healthcare and support access to psychedelics and plant medicines. Beyond healthcare, Stephanie has ventured into creating communities centered around music, philanthropy, and the fantastic world of fungi.


Scheduled Workshops

  • Exploring the Mind: A Journey Through the Brain, Psychedelics, and Altered States of Consciousness

    45 min | Movement Lab

    Join for an interactive and insightful talk delving into the complexities of brain function and altered states of consciousness. The session begins by unraveling how the brain shapes perceptions and thoughts. The discussion then shifts to psychedelics like LSD and psilocybin, exploring historical and cultural significance, and how these substances alter brain chemistry to induce profound changes in consciousness.

    Importantly, there will be a focus on legal psychoactive plants and various modalities capable of evoking similar states and benefits as psychedelics. This includes an exploration of the therapeutic potential of these substances and practices.

    The talk also addresses the ethical, legal, and safety considerations of using psychedelics and psychoactive plants. Concluding with future research directions, the session offers a comprehensive overview of the transformative power of altered states in understanding and healing the mind.

  • Stacking Functional and Psychoactive Plants for Your Wellbeing

    45 min | Ceremonial Fire & Drum Circle

    Explore the art of holistic wellbeing in an interactive session focused on the synergistic use of scientifically-backed functional and psychoactive plants and mushrooms. This session delves into how the strategic combination of these natural elements can enhance physical health, mental clarity, and emotional balance. Participants will learn about the unique properties of various plants and fungi, including both common functional foods, and legal psychoactive plants such as kanna, as well why they’re such powerful allies and how they work with us.

    The discussion includes an exploration of ‘stacking’ – combining specific plants and mushrooms to maximize their benefits. The session covers the science behind these combinations, their safety profiles, and how they can be incorporated into daily routines for optimal health. Interactive elements include demonstrations of preparation methods and personalized stacking strategies based on individual wellness goals.

    This session is an invitation to discover natural ways to nourish the body, enrich the mind, and uplift the soul, creating a holistic approach to personal health and wellness.